Trésor Etang du Cheix

We welcome you to Trésor Etang du Cheix,

Holiday cottage/gîte "Trésor", rooms, chocolaterie and salon de thé in the Auvergne Puy de Dôme Biollet.

Marcel and Yvonne found it on March 31st 2011. The chateau goes all the way back to 1397, but was meanwhile rebuilt into a country house with the shapes of a chateau in the interior and backside of the building.

Why Trésor (treasure) of the Cheix?                                                                         

According to an old legend, two brothers were living in the chateau. They had an argument and one brother killed the other. He ran off with a pot of gold (Le Trésor) and hid it in the immediate surroundings. The offender escaped to Louisiana (État de Louisiane). He ended up in the jail of New Orleans (la nouvelle Orléans) and died before he was able to return and dig up the treasure.

This all occurred around 1800 to 1900 AD. The story of Bourg du Cheix was written in the newspaper of the Auvergne "La Montagne":


A treasure is something you find or retrieve after you lost or hid it. Yvonne and Marcel regained the time and lifestyle here, which were once so common but, with the present-day comfort. Furthermore, they possess a vegetable garden, in which they grow so-called “lost” vegetables. But also the modern varieties from their garden taste delicious. So, on their plates the visitors will find a treasure of tastes.

Come and find the treasure and enjoy our paradise in the Auvergne!

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